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Buy or sell a house in the pays de gex

Choosing to buy a property in the Pays de Gex is an obvious solution given the high rental prices around Lake Geneva where a housing shortage is happening for decades. In the current environment, a Real Estate investment is a safe haven that continues to grow since the past fifteen years (+ 157% according to the index Notaires - INSEE).

It is for this reason that many expats choose to live in communes as Divonne-les-Bains, Prevessin, Ferney-Voltaire, Ornex, Thoiry, Gex, St Genis-Pouilly or even Cessy. Indeed, they are dynamic and constantly developing.

Schools, public transportation, shops and many other amenities are set to meet and exceed all newcomer’s expectations.
Buy in France is to enjoy an exceptional quality of life and, most importantly, to own a property whose value is safe.

Buying a property in France as non-resident

  • Buyer
  • Funding
  • Tax system

! Before any property investment in France, a foreigner must approach a professional to determine the conditions under which the investment will be subject.

The buyer will first of all consider the nationality of the purchaser as well as his marital status, whether he is married or not.
Knowing that this is the law of the location of the property that applies, French law is applied.
Be aware, however, that as in other countries, members of the European Union, as well as foreigners who have signed a special agreement with France, have special plans (bilateral agreement, the Hague Convention ...). 
The acquisition of a property in France might require transfering large sums of money.
These transfers are subject to verification by intermediaries (banks, credit institutions).
Tax system
We will explain you in details the tax treatment for a property bought in France: cost, the various taxes and fees.
Kindly note that taxes varies depending on the property status. This means, whether it is the principal residence or an investment for rental purpose.


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