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Home Staging

As usually it takes more time to close a sale, Property Geneva offers a technique to accelerate the process. Indeed, the customers are offered advice of " home staging " or property valuation so that your property is presented in the best light.

The concept of "home staging" is common in the Nordic and Anglo-Saxon countries and is starting to become popular in France as the famous Real Estate programs broadcast on M6. This enable the buyer to immediately project himself in its potential future housing.

This practice involves :

  1. Decluttering of the housing
  2. Removal of personal decoration items
  3. New fresh air breath given to walls and floors in order to neutralize the housing

Indeed, after removing all personal elements of decoration and furniture that overload rooms, surfaces are renewed and rooms can sometimes be refurbished with some of the old furniture.

A slight touch of sober decoration and voila !

And if "home staging" is often helpful for goods sold at average prices where competition is strong, it can also apply to Luxury Real Estate properties.

Indeed, by optimizing mansions, one enters in to an very attractive homeand is more likely to be seduced. And the property stands out radically on the market.


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