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Real Estate Transaction

Service with sellers

As part of the sale of a property in the Pays de Gex , we offer an appointment estimate where we can explain all the steps that must be respected in order to complete the transaction in the best conditions . If you entrust us with a sales mandate, we commit ourselves to regularly follow your file and to keep you informed of our approaches with the purchasers. And in the case where the property for sale is entrusted to us exclusively, we offer a service of "home staging" or real estate valuation.

To facilitate the sale of your property we take care of the following aspects:

  • Constitution of the file necessary for the sale of a property
  • Advice and support throughout the sales process
  • Determining the sales strategy
  • "Home staging" or development of a property for sale in exclusivity
  • Move
  • Sales vehicles & others
  • Administrative procedures
  • Availability 6 days on 7 by appointment
  • Real estate expertise of your property by approved expert at the SNPI

Buyer Services

For buyers, Property Geneva offers professional support in their acquisition procedures. In addition to the search for tailor-made real estate, we ensure the connection with the financial and legal advisers necessary to acquire a property in France. Our knowledge of the sector is made available to our buyers customers wishing to settle in the Pays de Gex to integrate into their new environment.

Today, buyers are waiting for real advice from real estate professionals. Despite the development of services over the Internet, buyers want contacts with a good knowledge of the local market as well as a direct and human contact to finalize and secure operations.

In a private-to-individual transaction, there is nothing to assure the purchaser that the proposed price matches the price of the market, whereas the real estate agent knows his sector and the true value of the property he offers for sale.

Property Geneva offers buyers quality service, diversification of services and the ability to respond to the rapid changes in the current real estate market. Against the current trend towards dematerialization, we believe in the future of the physical point of sale if it combines with a multichannel service - web, physical, telephone - and multi-business: sale, purchase new or old rental or life annuity.

Our services as part of your acquisition project

  • Personalized search to find your ideal home
  • Financial and legal advice
  • Follow-up of your file beyond the sales agreement
  • Assistance during your move
  • Sharing our address book of companies specialized in the works
  • Coaching and decoration advice
  • Accompaniment during any work
  • Information on administrative procedures, schools, banks and insurance
  • Flexibility in availability slots

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